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Sunday, April the 19th

After yesterday’s workouts, this Sunday was quite similar, but different. What do I mean by this, you may ask yourself? Let me explain.

Two sessions a day, once again. Nearly the same structure as yesterday. On the weekend that’s quite normal. 

In the morning to wake all my systems up, there was a LIT run. Just 70 minutes. The run went well. I didn’t see any other runners out there. At least no one I would remember.
The plan prescribed going between 5:35 min/km and 6:24 min/km. I went 5:54 min/km in average. With 140 bpm my HR was okay. That’s well below my aerobic threshold (AeT) or VT1 how ever you would like to call it.

In the afternoon I went for a LIT bike ride. Like yesterday, just 90 minutes. I averaged 185 Watts, witch is roughly my Fatmax. Normalized Power was 206 watts. Thats a bit high, but due to stoplights, hills and some crazy car drivers I was not able to keep it down.

We‘ll hear from each other tomorrow, after all my training is done. Hope you all had an awesome weekend. Enjoy your life and stay healthy in this hard COVID times.

Stephan Ochwald-van Hasz

Hi, I’m Stephan. A husband, daddy to be, dog daddy and a age group triathlete with ambitions. I’m working for a German steel producer in the IT and try to manage the network demands for a living. If you want to archive your Triathlon goals, get in touch, I’m happy to help you.

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