90 min fasted zwift ride


TUESDAY, APRIL 21st 2020

Wow, that was a tough session. Not that much for the endurance or the muscle but for the head, the central governor. Those fasted sessions seams always to be harder then the non fasted ones.

Sometimes the session is over before it started, sometimes you need to put your head down and just do the work. Todays session was definitely one of the second kind.

It was a bike ride. Due to time constraints I needed to do the session on the turbo trainer. So I launched Zwift and started to ride. As I needed to start to work today, as I told you already yesterday, I’m not able to do such sessions outdoors. For me that’s really sad, cause I love to ride my bike outdoors. The session contained of 10 minutes warm up, 5 times 5 minutes sweet spot with 5 minutes recovery after each Intervall. After the “hard” part the boring part begins. 40 minutes LIT. Just 175W, in my case. There it is, this point where my heads turned and was trying to tell me to stop. But I managed to shut the head down and just spin the pedals.

And you now what, that feeling after you pushed through is that awesome! Did you experience it?

Stephan Ochwald-van Hasz

Hi, I’m Stephan. A husband, daddy to be, dog daddy and a age group triathlete with ambitions. I’m working for a German steel producer in the IT and try to manage the network demands for a living. If you want to archive your Triathlon goals, get in touch, I’m happy to help you.

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