Recovery Shake


Wow, that was a tough session. I’ve just got back home from a HIT run workout. 15×60 seconds were prescribed. Tomorrow is the next HIT session following, 5×5 minutes VO2MAX  on the bike. Therefore it’s now time to have a recovery drink.

If I didn’t have my recovery drink, I would not be able to battle through those hard sessions that are following each other. You may ask yourself what type of shake. Let me tell you.


  • 200ml Orangejuice
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Scoop protein powder


Mix everything together and enjoy your drink.

If you take care of your recovery your training will be much more quality.

If you are using myfitnespal you can directly add this recipe to your log.

Stephan Ochwald-van Hasz

Hi, I’m Stephan. A husband, daddy to be, dog daddy and a age group triathlete with ambitions. I’m working for a German steel producer in the IT and try to manage the network demands for a living. If you want to archive your Triathlon goals, get in touch, I’m happy to help you.

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